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[00:13:40] <Br4wdSw0rd> deep42thought: it is fine that it will only boot one, but i need it to support multiple if possable... i dont have a packaged.x86_64, will packages.both not automaticaly grab the 64bit one, and should i make that file?
[00:15:12] <Br4wdSw0rd> little background: this iso is intended to be a live medium for testing and grabing the specs of a WIDE range of laptops, i just want as many laptops to be able to boot this live usb as possable
[00:20:41] <Br4wdSw0rd> and to be able to run basic hw info programs like: lspci, lshw, lsblk that i will then script together to give me a stats sheet
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[10:50:26] <deep42thought> Br4wdSw0rd: well, if the purpose it to be bootable, then a pure i686 iso should be fine (it will boot on x86_64 machines, too) - if you intend to install from the iso, then you should create the "dual" version (archiso32-dual)
[10:50:47] <deep42thought> the i686 iso obviously does not come with a packages.x86_64 or packages.both
[10:51:20] <deep42thought> "dual" bootable means, that you have the choice in the boot prompt to boot the x86_64 system or the i686 system
[10:51:34] <deep42thought> but that's really only useful if you intend to install a system from it
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[17:08:33] <nit-picker> dependencies of python-traitsui-6.1.3-1.0-any.pkg.tar.xz (built on 2019-10-03) differ between the package and our database
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[18:09:31] <abaumann> something is really wrong with the db-update logic:
[18:09:33] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "libx265.so=179-32", a dependency of "ffmpeg"
[18:09:36] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "libx265.so=179-32", a dependency of "ffmpeg"
[18:09:38] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "libx265.so=179-32", a dependency of "ffmpeg"
[18:09:41] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "postgresql-libs>=12.1", a dependency of "postgresql"
[18:09:44] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "libx265.so=179-32", a dependency of "ffmpeg"
[18:10:13] <abaumann> I see no other option than to start moving things by hand..
[18:14:04] <abaumann> I also noticed, that db-update -o staging was not moving packages from community-staging
[18:14:22] <abaumann> (in this case it was ldc), I also had to move it by hand from staging to testing
[18:15:18] <abaumann> postgresql was moved to stable, postgresql-libs not
[18:15:33] <abaumann> either both should be moved, or both not be moved
[18:17:27] <abaumann> same applies for x265 and ffmpeg
[18:21:48] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "poppler=0.82.0", a dependency of "poppler-qt5"
[18:21:48] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "libspeechd=0.9.1-3.0", a dependency of "speech-dispatcher"
[18:22:00] <abaumann> I think, the sub-package move logic is broken
[18:26:11] <abaumann> => moved poppler, poppler-glib, libspeechd
[18:26:57] <abaumann> ui, automove of 135 packages to stable, I bet, we will see some breakage..
[18:28:44] <abaumann> .. luckily we have a working forum again, so people have a place where they can complain. :-)
[18:32:59] <abaumann> /usr/bin/update-mime-database: error while loading shared libraries: libicuuc.so.65: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[18:33:38] <abaumann> => moving icu, things might break
[18:34:35] <abaumann> I don't understand why upstream doesn't have packages for icu64, icu65, etc., same for llvm
[18:34:44] <abaumann> they have llvm7 but no llvm8
[18:39:27] <abaumann> => thunderbird move (because of icu)
[18:46:32] <abaumann> konsole: error while loading shared libraries: libicui18n.so.64: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[18:46:49] <abaumann> ok, normal moves don't work, force moves don't work.
[18:48:14] <abaumann> Now I'm tempted to do a force move of everything
[18:49:14] <abaumann> /usr/lib/libQt5Core.so.5
[18:49:28] <abaumann> is blocked for no good reason, half of Qt already hopped to stable
[18:49:32] <abaumann> -> force moving qt5-base
[18:54:56] <abaumann> ok. for now selective moves..
[18:59:42] <abaumann> trojita has been rebuilt on pentium4 against icu65, not on i686 => retriggering
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[19:14:12] <deep42thought> abaumann: I did a `db-update -p` - maybe it did make thins worse?
[19:14:29] <deep42thought> `-o staging` moves community-staging, too
[19:14:46] <deep42thought> if it does not move a specific package, that most probably means, some dependency is blocking it
[19:24:50] <abaumann> hi deep42thought
[19:24:56] <abaumann> let's see. :-)
[19:25:42] <abaumann> mmh. I don't see a difference.
[19:26:48] <abaumann> I tried to move ldc in community-staging, most likely it was coupled to some library packages and didn't want to move because of that
[19:27:04] <deep42thought> yeah, sounds reasonable
[19:27:16] <deep42thought> there is a long-outstanding todo of repairing why-dont-you
[19:27:22] <deep42thought> this would really help in such cases
[19:27:25] <deep42thought> btw: hi abaumann!
[19:27:38] <abaumann> hi :-)
[19:29:31] <abaumann> ah, openal is blocked in micro-optimizations, that's a dependency of ffmpeg
[19:30:53] <deep42thought> I'll be trigger-happy regarding running `db-update -p`
[19:31:17] <deep42thought> so stuff should move quickly through the repositories - in case it's believed to be broken :-)
[19:46:33] <abaumann> libdbusmenu-gtk2, I personally would eleminiate everything pointing to python2 and gtk2 and move it to the AUR
[19:46:56] <abaumann> It's obvious, that this software is no longer maintained.
[19:47:37] <deep42thought> feel free to blacklist all of python2, if you feel it's necessary
[19:47:54] <abaumann> well, no, what I meant, upstream should do that.
[19:48:03] <deep42thought> ah, well, that would mean we need to edit all PKGBUILDs building for python2 and 3 :-/
[19:48:15] <abaumann> yep. not a pleasant idea.
[19:48:39] <abaumann> the problem is: I fear some packages are blocked because they build ptyhon2- and gtk2 subpackages
[19:49:13] <abaumann> for instance voidlinux dropped libdbusmenu-gtk2
[19:50:08] <abaumann> dito alpine
[19:51:28] <abaumann> asp cannot handle community-any?
[19:51:55] <abaumann> maybe upstream always works on the master?
[19:52:52] <deep42thought> can you open a bug about the asp thingy?
[19:53:07] <abaumann> can do.
[19:53:11] <deep42thought> thanks
[19:53:12] <deep42thought> :-)
[20:14:03] <abaumann> evolution:libprotobuf.so.21
[20:20:43] <abaumann> soffice:icu64
[20:24:20] <abaumann> this is really helpless. I don't manage to create a stable version..
[20:25:57] <abaumann> libreoffice didn't rebuild since October, so.. I retriggered.
[20:26:14] <abaumann> ..and that was it for today, folks. :-)
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[20:26:18] <deep42thought> you mean it failed to build?
[20:26:21] <deep42thought> cu
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[20:54:54] <deep42thought> upstream asp also does not handle community-any packages
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[23:25:13] <nit-picker> key 2FF1E976D6EB2E954A87DC14443904EC9EC51A8A (from Roelf Wichertjes (archlinux32 master key) <contact@roelf.org>) in package archlinux32-keyring-transition-20191103-1-any.pkg.tar.xz expires on 2019-11-13 (in -25 < 100 days).